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Boostie, French artist, was stemmed from this 16 bits generation and he is thrilled by all the electronic culture. Soon he was interested by the machines and the sounds hidden within its bowels. Atari ST generation with the first mid-integrated systems to plug in keyboards and samplers driven on the first virtual sequencers. 

Virtual has always been a key element for Boostie who can foresee a new world to explore. Influenced by the new wave, the punk and the techno trend, Boostie will integrate and digest these different styles to create its first titles.

Impassioned by synthetics sounds (thus from synthesizer) and beats swinging well, Boostie musically is divided in between creative and progressive tech electro.

The principal musical influences originate from the French touch with Daft Punk, Justice, Vitalic, air, The Hacker, Miss Kittin. Foreign musical influence also with Kraftwerk, Alden Tyrell, Dave Clarke, Slam, Northern Lite, LCD Soundsystem, Billy Currie (Ultravox keyboarder)...


Where find Boostie music ?

On Myspace and on Itunes music store at the end of may 2007.



Questions ? com-ext@boostie.com


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