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We're obsessed with modernizing how recruiting teams operate. Now we're onto our next challenge.

Hi there!

I'm Travis Arnold, one of the founders of Boostie. I've been in the recruiting technology game since 2007 and been front-row in it's evolution.

Myself, Jason Heilman and Boostie's other founder, Kevin Jones started a company named Herefish in 2015. With Herefish, we wanted to bring automation to an industry that was still doing things the 'old way'.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Herefish (now Bullhorn Automation) is responsible for over a billion automated actions across thousands of recruiters and hundreds of companies. It kicked off the digital transformation era in recruiting and has had a huge impact on the market.

So that brings us to Boostie.

When I first started at Sendouts ATS in 2007, job boards were already a decade old. Job aggregators were still in their infancy and, yes, people still posted to the local newspaper.

We've seen some changes since that time, but one thing I still hear is 'we need more passive candidates' or 'we get the same candidates as everyone else'. Both of these gripes led to Boostie.

Boostie is a programmatic ad tool that is taking a little different approach to job ad delivery and new client targeting. Rather than placing ads on job boards or cold-calling potential business, Boostie uses the open web to put ads in front of people that match a job or target customer profile.

And we couldn't just stop there.

One big part of driving new applicants is providing a frictionless experience. But if you look up 'apply online hell' then you'll find plenty of stories of unnecessary hurdles that prevent a candidate from applying.

So we created Better Applications for Recruiting Talent aka B.A.R.T. to make it easier on candidates and to close the loop from boosting a job to application faster.

We're excited about this next chapter and looking forward to working with our awesome customers again.

Thanks for reading,

Travis Arnold

Travis Arnold
Founder & CEO