Where we came from and why we created Boostie

We're pretty obsessed with modernizing how recruitment teams operate...now we're onto our next challenge.

Everyone loves a good origin story

Hi there, I’m Travis (guy on the right) and I’m a founder and the CEO of Boostie. I began my journey in recruiting tech in 2007 and have been front-row to its evolution. Boostie’s other founder, Kevin Jones (guy on the left), Jason Heilman and myself founded Herefish, which we sold to Bullhorn in 2020. Today, Herefish (now Bullhorn Automation) has helped thousands of staffing companies automate billions and billions of mundane tasks and saved countless hours.

So now let’s talk about Boostie. Our aim was to create a job marketing platform that didn’t rely on job boards and leveraged modern marketing practices. We use an active approach to targeting the right audience on the open web using AI. We also wanted to tackle how bad application experiences lead to bad return on ad spend, so we’ve baked landing pages and applications into the mix too!

Our passion is improving the recruiting process, for customers and candidates. Our approach to ad delivery, audience matching and conversion optimization take best-practices from outside of hiring and bring them right to your tech stack. We’re all about making things easy and can’t wait to shape the future of recruitment tech once again.

Our Vision

We want to open up access to new channels for recruiting teams

The job marketing space has been largely dominated by job boards; we think that's silly. Our aim is provide alternative marketing channels and target audiences that might not live on job boards or fall into the 'passive talent' bucket. 

We really care about these things


We will take the complexity out of complex solutions for better experiences.


We won't hide fees, news or anything else that impacts our customers or team.


We have a very short time on this planet; so why build something beautifully useful.