Why Boostie?

Boostie is a different take on an old problem and uses precision and innovation to level-up your job marketing efforts

How it's different

We think about job marketing a little differently

Boostie stands apart in the recruitment landscape by harnessing the power of advanced AI, targeted marketing, and conversion optimization to ensure your job ads reach not just any candidates, but the right ones.

  • Promote your open roles across the web
  • 10,000+ websites with geographic targeting
  • 64,000+ profile segments for ad targeting
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What makes Boostie different than traditional boundaries?

Boostie creates a landing page, automagically, for each job you boost. This closes the loop between your ATS and open roles & follows PPC best-practices...with just a click.

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Traditional Job Boards

Targeting Capabilities

Utilizes affinity, behavioral, and demographic data for proactive candidate outreach.

Depends on candidates actively searching and visiting the job board or manual outreach.

Candidate Reach

Access to a profile database of 200+ million in the U.S. and a network of ~13,000 websites for extensive reach, including passive candidates.

Limited to candidates who visit the job board, primarily active job seekers.

Automation & AI

Utilizes advanced AI for targeted ad placement and sophisticated candidate matching, automating and optimizing the recruitment process.

Typically have basic automation, mainly for job posting and applicant tracking, with limited AI capabilities for targeted outreach.

Ad Customization & Placement

Creates display ads delivered on relevant websites, targeting passive candidates.

Ads are typically restricted to the job board platform, relying on active candidate traffic.

ATS Integration

Seamless integration with ATS, pulling jobs, creating ads and landing pages, and pushing applications back to the ATS without a gap.

Varies by job board, often with less sophisticated ATS integration and potential gaps in the application process.

Analytics & Reporting

Provides detailed metrics for each campaign, including individual ad and network performance.

Generally offers basic analytics focused on job ad views and applications received.

Cost Structure

Transparent pricing with a small per-user fee per month plus a maximum of 15% of ad spend.

Often subscription-based or pay-per-post, with varying degrees of pricing transparency.

User Experience

Emphasizes a simple, customer-focused experience for utilizing display networks in job marketing.

User experience can vary, often less tailored to individual employer needs, not to mention candidate frustration.

Use cases & thought starters

Boostie was born from the idea that legacy job marketing tactics are becoming less effective. See how we're helping companies tackle real recruitment challenges.

Finding hard-to-reach talent

Boostie doesn't sit and wait for candidates to come to it, instead it goes out and targets individuals that fit the criteria of a specific job opening. 

Specialities like healthcare, light industrial/logistics, retail and other areas where the target candidates aren't hanging out on job boards can experience the biggest boost.

How do you target hard to find talent?

Boostie can help you get open roles in front of people most likely to match your candidate criteria.

Engaging more passive candidates

Boostie uses demographic, behavioral and affinity targeting to match the right opportunity with the right audience. These techniques have been used in other markets for decades.

60-80% of job-seekers are always open to a new role, but not necessarily actively looking. With Boostie you can get your openings in front of an audience you couldn't before.

Is passive talent a priority?

Boostie actively targets people that match the details of a specific job.

Diversify your job marketing mix

90% of job advertising relies on one source - job boards. While they are crucial to the marketing mix, they are competitive, expensive and cumbersome for candidates. 

A healthy marketing mix combines passive channels (job boards) with active ones (Boostie) to maximize the results for each open role. 

Is your marketing mix lopsided?

Boostie offers an alternative channel to companies solely dependent on job boards.

Why now?

The changing landscape of talent forces us into new, unfamiliar territory.

The Evolving Dynamics of the Job Market

The job market today is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by technological advancements and changing workforce dynamics. Traditional recruitment methods, which often rely on passive strategies and generalist platforms, are struggling to keep up with the rapidly shifting needs of both employers and job seekers.

In this fast-paced environment, the ability to quickly and effectively target the right talent is not just an advantage but a necessity. Boostie's innovative approach, centered around smart AI-driven targeting and expansive reach, ensures that employers are always one step ahead in this dynamic market.

The Rising Importance of Passive Candidate Engagement

A significant portion of the workforce comprises passive candidates: talented individuals who are not actively seeking new opportunities but are open to compelling offers.

Traditional job boards primarily cater to active job seekers, often overlooking this valuable segment. Boostie, with its advanced targeting capabilities, bridges this gap by reaching out to these passive candidates where they are most active online. This approach not only widens the talent pool but also brings in candidates who are often more qualified and a better fit for specialized roles.

In today's competitive job market, engaging with passive candidates is not just a strategy, but a cornerstone of successful talent acquisition.

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