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Getting the band back together: Chris Dues is joining the flock

We welcome our friend and new business partner, Chris Dues to the Boostie team.

Published May 2024 and will take about 2 minutes to read

If you’ve seen any super hero sequel or story of a team with a time-jump then you’re well informed about the ‘band back together’ trope.

Basically after a period of time the team has to come back together to take on another threat/problem/galactic invasion.

In our case that period of time has been a little over 4 years; the new problem? Re-thinking the $36 billion dollar job advertising industry.

And so we get to the meat of this post.

I’m happy to announce that Chris Dues is (re)joining us at Boostie as a partner and will lead our sales and account management efforts.

A quick backstory: Chris has been in the work-tech space since 2012. He had a sterling career at Daxtra before we convinced him to join us to lead sales at Herefish.

After Herefish was acquired by Bullhorn in 2020, Chris led automation sales strategy and then moved up to Global Account Director for enterprise sales.

Today he joins Boostie to run all things sales and accounts and we’re happy to have him (back) on the team.

Chris has worked with some of the largest human capital brands in the world and has a ton of experience providing practical, no-BS guidance.

We’re excited to welcome Chris as a partner and teammate and looking forward to building our brand and business together.