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Product Update: Google Search Ads, Grouped Campaigns and More

TL;DR – we’ve added Google Search Ads as a channel for our campaigns along with a new way to promote multiple jobs at the same time in one campaign. Oh, and we’ve added a couple other enhancements too.

Published June 2024 and will take about 3 minutes to read

Summer is here and so are a few new features in Boostie.

If you’ve been following along, then you know our mission is to make it easy for employer branding, talent marketing and hiring teams to promote open roles and capture attention throughout the job marketing funnel.

With our latest release we’re adding a new channel, new campaign type and few other enhancements .

Google Search Ads

Starting today, customers can now launch a Google Search Ad campaign directly from Boostie.

Using info direct from the job record, our AI paired with Google’s creates intent-oriented key phrases, headlines and descriptions that adhere to Google Ads best practices, giving users a very easy way to get in front of likely job seekers.

Now, our users can launch a Google Search campaign along with a targeted display campaign in under 60 seconds.

We also target ad delivery to the location or locations relevant to the job record; eliminating applications from undesired locations.

google search ads for jobs

Grouped Campaigns

Some of our customers have a lot of jobs that share similar candidate DNA. Creating a single campaign for each role was a little cumbersome, so we’re making it a little easier with our grouped campaigns feature.

With grouped campaigns, a Boostie customer can add multiple jobs based on location, category or combination and, erm, group them, into one campaign.

Here’s a quick use case:

Say you’re hiring for multiple roles in Denver, CO. Those roles more-or-less target the same type of person, but there are different titles and job functions available. With grouped campaigns, you can now select those jobs in Denver and launch targeted display and search campaigns. Those campaigns lead back to a new Boostie landing page containing those open jobs that would-be applicants can browse and interact with.

Grouped campaigns are available now and we’ll be working with our early users to help tweak our AI and ad creation models.

grouped job campaigns

Ad Editor

From the start we’ve used AI to parse out the most relevant information to create display ad (and now search ad) creative. But for some customers, they want a little more control, so we created an ad editor to make it easy for them to edit display ads (soon search) or upload their own creative.

We also re-generate ads if the information on the landing page changes, making it pretty easy and straightforward to get your ad in front of potential applicants.

Web Stats

We’re now tracking information relevant to the career sections of our customer’s websites.

Top-level metrics like job page visits, applications and  job apply rate are all front and center, surfacing information usually hidden in an analytics app somewhere.

We also break down traffic by source, device and individual jobs to give a broader picture of how campaigns and referrers outside of Boostie are performing.


Last but not least, we’ve overhauled retargeting audiences to put more relevant jobs in front of them. These audiences get used automatically at the campaign level and are a great way to keep your brand front and center to would-be applicants.

We have some really neat stuff planned for the new several weeks too. Want a hint? follow Boostie on LinkedIn.



Travis Arnold

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