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We’ve been building something pretty cool

TL;DR – We’ve made great progress this Summer and our product is almost fully hatched. We’re making it easy to boost jobs across the web and closing the loop between ads and the ats. Oh, plus GenAI!!

Published September 2023 and will take about 2 minutes to read

We made our first, official announcement right before Memorial Day. So, it’s fitting this post is dropping right before Labor Day.

Between the bookends of Summer, we’ve been at work building something pretty special and today I wanted to share some details with you all.

To recap, we are building Boostie to offer alternative job advertising channels for recruiting and staffing teams. Our ad technology can reach candidates that may not ‘live’ on a job board and provide them with a simpler way to apply to jobs.

We are pairing modern ad technology with a focus on candidate experience and conversion and cannot wait to share that with you. For sectors like nursing, retail & industrial, we think this will open up a whole new world.


A deep integration into the ATS makes boosting a job feel native and seamless. Our integration with Bullhorn is complete and we’re working on HR ATS’ for mid-market and enterprise (to be announced later).

Copy and pasting between systems sucks, so having direct access to open jobs AND having UI inside the ATS makes is easy to boost a job and collect candidates. There is no extra data entry required.

Also, as a marketer who’s managed millions in ad spend and created ads for the past 16 years or so, Boostie’s ability to create ads and landing pages on the fly is pretty f-in cool.


We can’t be in 2023 and fail to mention generative AI. At Boostie, we’re leveraging a couple language models to better summarize job descriptions and to find the right candidate audience to target.

We will be exploring GenAI further and slotting it into key areas of our workflows to create a better and enriched experience for our customers and their candidates.

Landing Pages

V1 of our landing pages closes to the loop between ad and ATS. The best part, we create branded landing pages for you on the fly. This follows standard digital ad best practices by having a 1:1 relationship between the ad and landing page. Relevancy for the candidate is key.

What’s next

We’re still building and will be evaluating alternative channels to fold into the Boostie network.

X (formerly Twitter) recently made an announcement where job ads will be a new ad unit. This is exciting and we’re exploring.

If you’re interested in hearing more and joining our beta list, please reach out.

Thank you,


Travis Arnold

CEO and founder of Boostie. I like to ride bikes and talk about marketing.