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Full-funnel talent marketing powered by AI & data

TL;DR – I’ve been in this space for a long time and think it’s time for a shake up and the team at Boostie is on a mission to do just that.

Published June 2024 and will take about 3 minutes to read

I’ve been in the human capital space for over a decade and have seen, firsthand, the obstacles companies encounter when it comes to attracting top talent.

While large brands have invested in full-funnel strategies, the traditional methods they depended on were painstakingly manual, sluggish, and costly. Frequently, they utilized tools not specifically designed for talent marketing, which only compounded inefficiencies.

A significant portion of the marketing budget, a staggering $34.4 billion annually, is spent on job boards that solely target the most active job seekers. 

This bottom-of-funnel focus disregards the vast majority of the candidate funnel – those in earlier exploration stages and the elusive “passive” talent. Moreover, companies lack the means to capture interested visitors for retargeting purposes, leaving many trapped in a vicious cycle that hampers their growth.

It was clear a shift in marketing to talent was needed and it’s the reason we founded Boostie. Our goal is to change how companies approach talent marketing by opening up new channels, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and making data-driven decisions.

First, we recognized that to attract today’s mobile-centric talent, you need to meet them where they spend their time – on the open internet via social media, content sites, and search engines. Boostie harnesses these open web channels to drive brand awareness and connect with active and passive candidates alike.

Simply having an open web presence isn’t enough. That’s why we infused Boostie with bleeding-edge AI technology to streamline and optimize the entire talent marketing process. Our AI automatically generates sleek ads that highlight what really matters to potential candidates (namely pay rate & location) in each role. It goes beyond just re-writing job descriptions to pull out the most relevant info to help drive a candidate to take action.

Then our AI’s smart targeting capabilities ensure these tailored job ads get surfaced to precisely the right talent segments across whatever channels, pages, or apps they frequent online. It’s the modern-day equivalent of personalized ecommerce shopping recs, but for talent marketing.

By leveraging AI to create compelling content experiences and hyper-relevant ad targeting, we empower employers to attract talent through the funnel far more efficiently and cost-effectively than legacy methods allowed.

Just as pivotal is the data intelligence component built into Boostie’s core. It captures an unprecedented stream of candidate data – not just from those who apply, but from every interested job seeker who interacts with the brand messaging. Additionally, it automatically engages that talent with relevant job opportunities, helping companies build a sustainable talent pipeline

With transparent access to this data and our AI’s insights, companies can make truly informed decisions around strategy, targeting, content, and budgeting for each specific job via a centralized command center. No more shooting in the dark or aimless spending.

Ultimately, the mission at Boostie is to equip companies with the open web reach, intelligent AI capabilities, and deep data insights they need to break free from the constraints of traditional job marketing methods (ahem, job boards) and finally master full-funnel talent marketing. In today’s battle for talent, employers can now be armed with a marketing suite they control.

Chris Dues

CRO at Boostie. I'm a huge fan of technology, fishing and the weather; seriously, ask me anything about Reed Timmer.