what is boostie

What is Boostie?


2023 marks the advent of a new key player in recruitment technology. This platform, envisioned by Travis Arnold and Kevin Jones, offers a novel approach to job advertising, stepping beyond conventional methods. Here, we delve into what
this innovative platform really is and its significance in the hiring landscape.

The Genesis of This Innovative Platform

Originating from the idea of enhancing job visibility, this platform's name symbolizes the essence of 'boosting' job ads. Its logo, a stylized peregrine falcon, signifies speed and precision, mirroring the platform's efficiency in targeting the right audience.

Core Principles: Simplicity, Transparency, and Creativity

Built on simplicity, transparency, and creativity, the mission is to provide unique and effective solutions in job marketing, simplifying recruitment for users.

The Flagship Platform: Transforming Job Marketing

As a Job Marketing Platform (JMP), it excels in strategically advertising jobs across multiple channels. Utilizing AI, it matches job specifics with the ideal audience, optimizing the recruitment process and ad spend effectiveness.

Customer Experience

Users often express excitement upon discovering this platform. It stands as a refreshing alternative in a domain traditionally dominated by job boards, introducing an innovative and practical approach.

Founders’ Legacy and Innovation

Although in its early stages, the platform's potential is underscored by its founders' previous success with Herefish, demonstrating their capability to significantly influence the job advertising sector.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Clarifying a common query: the company is a software firm, not merely a service provider, focusing on simplifying display advertising for recruitment teams. It advocates for a varied marketing mix, recognizing the role of job boards in a well-rounded strategy.

Conclusion: Experience a Unique Recruitment Approach

For those involved in hiring, experiencing this unique approach to job marketing is essential. Explore how this innovative platform can revolutionize your recruitment strategy, ensuring efficient and effective audience targeting.